COVID-19 Update

CDC Guidelines for Reopening:

We have carefully designed enhanced precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy according to CDC guidelines.  Here are just a few our new practices:

*We are asking you to stay home if you are sick or not feeling well.

*We require all individuals to wear facemasks while in our facilities and offices. We will provide a mask to those who need one.

*We are practicing and reinforcing 6 feet social distancing, except for family, for enhanced safety.

*We are implementing extensive disinfecting protocols in between services.

*Disinfectants will be used safely and routinely on frequently touched surfaces and any shared objects.

*We will be using signs on the floor to remind everyone to social distance 6 feet apart.

*We are using a stationary collection box to receive our tithes and offerings.

*We have adequate supplies including soap, hand sanitizer, tissues and no-touch trash cans.

We have purchased three Air Purifiers/Ionizers. For more information hit this link:

Here are the other steps we have taken to protect your safety:

* Opening of all doors so they are hands free
* Touchless hand sanitizers on stands
* Touchless paper towel and soap dispensers in bathrooms
* Free standing offering container
* Masks available for those who don’t have them
* Chairs sanitized before each service and between services
* Everyone sits 6 feet apart whether it is a service, prayer or Life Group
* Carpets cleaned and church sanitized
* All surfaces are cleaned and sanitized weekly in the church
* Microphones are wiped with alcohol wipes after each use and are no longer shared
* Tablets and headphones for the children are sanitized before and after each use
* Signs on the floor to remind of 6 feet social distancing
* Added a Covid-19 update to our website.

Your safety is our top priority!