Every church is called to do the same thing…

but we each do it a little differently

Our values answer the questions: Who are you? What makes you unique? What convictions drive you? What is your DNA? Our values aren’t what we believe, but how we do it.




The hurting and spiritually lost are our
top priority

They drive every decision we make, motivate us to keep going and make our pulses race with the heartbeat of God. They are, unequivocally, why we exist. Evangelism and healing are who we are.


We work hard at keeping it simple

Simplicity allows clarity, strength and passion. Complexity is difficult to understand and convolutes. The Good News is simple. We strive to boil everything down to simplicity.


We are authentic. Period.

We don’t have time for fake and phony. If you are looking for stuffy, religious and traditional, honestly, Life Church is not the church for you.


Prayer, prayer and more prayer

Prayer permeates everything we do. We offer multiple opportunities for prayer, conduct rhythms of 24/7 prayer, and fast and pray for worldwide revival and the salvation of souls and nations.  The Life House of Prayer is the prayer expression of Life Church.


Extravagant giving

“For God so loved the world that He gave…” He gave us His most extravagant gift in Jesus, therefore we give extravagantly.


We are unashamedly Spirit-filled

We don’t hide it. We know that in the presence of God we are changed, therefore we invite the presence of the Holy Spirit into our services to move in miracles, healings, signs and wonders, gifts, presence and infillings. We don’t treat the Holy Spirit like the relative that we hope doesn’t come over for Thanksgiving dinner. We invite Him wanting and expecting Him to show up.


We Serve with Excellence and Integrity

We serve a most excellent God; therefore, we need to serve Him with excellence and integrity. We aren’t perfect, but strive to do our very best and do whatever it takes, well.


We Have a Culture of Leadership

Leadership is influence. And there is no other place on the face of this earth where influence is more important than the Kingdom of God. Leadership is part of who we are: we teach it, do it, and encourage it.


Every Christian is in the Ministry

The pastor’s role is to equip the Christian to minister. Every Christian serves, every Christian reaches out, every Christian cares, every Christian ministers.


You Can’t Do This Alone

You were never meant to live the Christian walk on your own island.  Isolation leads to desolation! We need each other to survive. We are unbending in our commitment to get you connected to a Life Group so you can build relationships and be thoroughly discipled in the atmosphere of community.