Life Church is…

A Place of Healing

Are you hurting, sick, addicted, broken, depressed, troubled, fearful, wounded, in pain, lost or confused?  Life Church is a place where hurting people always feel welcome. You will find hope, healing and freedom here!


Where the Hurting are Made Whole by the Transforming Power of Jesus Christ

Jesus is the Savior, Healer, Freedom-Giver, and Restorer.  He is the Answer and He has all the answers.  At Life Church, we will introduce you to Jesus so that He can transform your life like He has ours!


Become Fully Devoted Followers

At Life Church, we will teach you the Bible, how to pray and how to find your life purpose. As you follow after Jesus we will walk beside you and help you live the life you were always intended to live. Someone did that for us, now we get to do that for you!


Turn the World Upside Down with the Gospel

At Life Church we get to rescue others from the pit that we, ourselves, were in. With the compassion of Christ and our personal story of transformation we tell people the Good News that what Jesus did for us, He will do for you, too!

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